The added value of technology and innovation

Pier Luigi designed, built and patented a versatile tractor which facilitates manual work in the vineyards. The workers are 30-40% more efficient in manual tasks vital to caring for a a high density planted vineyard: No more strenuous bending or kneeling that was traditionally necessary. Tolaini maintains that treating his employees well increases their well-being and productivity as well as keeps these trained workers at Tolaini. He also provides each vineyard worker and their family an apartment at the winery.

The Tolaini team works closely with the faculty of Agronomy at the University of Florence in managing the right amount of water being supplied to the vines. A special new machine has been designed that registers the water in the leaves which allows close monitoring of the physiological state of the plants. This allows the Tolaini agronomists to maintain the plants in a state of light hydric stress. This "stressed" state allows the plant to concentrate its energies on the maturation of the fruit and not on growing vegetation. This new technology allows us to maintain a key point of stress in the plants, so they never reach a crisis hydric state nor suffer from overwatering and therefore grow at optimum levels at all times, producing exceptional fruit.

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